GreenView Associates, LLC
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The Firm

GreenView Associates, LLC, is a private equity co-investment specialist.  We invest alongside proven private equity sponsors in transactions of common interest.

Our Investors

We leverage the strategic access and insights of our investment partners, nearly all of whom maintain significant allocations to private equity funds.  We offer these partners a valuable platform for sourcing, evaluating and sharing high quality private equity investments.

The Power of Origination 

Our principals and partners have active relationships with over 300 private equity sponsors.  The quality of our origination, however, is a product of preferential access to co-investment opportunities from these channels.  GreenView has established strategic relevance to these private equity sponsors by offering:
  • A convenient, one-stop platform for sharing co-investments with desirable limited partners
  • Scale, speed and reliability of response
The Benefit of Experience

GreenView is exclusively focused on the co-investment process.  No distractions.  No conflicts.  Our deep experience in evaluating co-investment opportunities has earned us the confidence of private equity sponsors and investors alike that we understand the idiosyncrasies of this investment class.

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